Rtx 2017 Cut

I finished cutting the RTX video and now I need to color grade. I’ve never really color graded but its got to be something I can learn. This is a first for me so yah! Check out RtxEvent.com. It’s a convention for Rooster Teeth fans. Rooster Teeth has tons of great content over many genres. A large number of those genres were created and or perfected by Rooster Teeth in Austin, TX. If you are a fan I highly recommend checking everything out. 

The dog taught me to do whatever she needs by sitting quietly near the task she needs completed. She needs to bathroom or wants to play outside, then she sits near the doggy door. If she’s out of food or water the she will be by the bowls. She wants to play fetch, then she will sit holding her disheveled sully toy waiting patiently for me to take and throw. Ruby is smarter than I thought. Bonus points for having an immaculate kitchen since she vacumns up any foodthat falls before I can get the broom out. 

Destiny 2 is great and I highly recommend if you ever played halo and thought this is fun but what if you turned it up to 11 for options. Social is great on this game. Being in a clan is really neat this time. The app is actually not bad. A little wonky UI but you figure it out. The clan chat is great albeit a little laggy sometimes. I went with hunter naturally and love it.  

I drink coffee everyday now. So that’s a thing.  




I’m running again. Not particularly my favorite thing but it’s the thing I know how to do best. Here’s to dropping those lbs!


Awwww Sugar Snap Peas

Hello everyone! My latest video is finally up. Join me and some friends as we explored Big Bend State Park. Cheers

Me Again

Hello fellow humans, it is I Curtos of planet Texas. I have been diligently editing away like a mad person on two videos. The trip to big bend video is almost ready. I would say 95% ready. I need to tighten up a couple of transitions. I am not digging the 2nd song either. Other than that the cuts are good, my one bit of text is good. Good good. Each time I do a video I want to improve upon the previous. It's unfortunate because I am limited to the footage I shot. Turns out the GoPro was the only camera that can handle 8 degree weather so I was at its mercy. I'm trying to integrate a narrative into my videos as well as showing all of the bad ass things we did and saw. I hope you enjoy it in a week or so! This will also be the first video to really make use of the gimble. Cheers!