It’s a good thing no one reads this

I always forget to post something. I think twitter is just so easy to get any kind of message out quickly. Anyways, I’m still editing and loving After Effects. I try and focus on getting these projects done but it’s difficult. Far too many distractions including ones I create. Here is a picture of me golfing. That is all


RTX Austin is up

My latest video of RTX 2017 in Austin. I’ve poured so many hours into this. I personally recommend headphones. Enjoy my trip, I sure as hell enjoyed filming it  


Month Gone

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last post. I blame Destiny 2, Stardew Valley, Golf Story, Minecraft, Splatoon 2, and soon Mario Odyssey. 

I went to London which was absolutely a blast. It was interesting to visit a place that sort of spoke my language. Much more dense and compact than here in Texas. I couldn’t have choosen a better place to visit internationally for the first time. Now off to edit that video. Cheers Mate!


Rtx 2017 Cut

I finished cutting the RTX video and now I need to color grade. I’ve never really color graded but its got to be something I can learn. This is a first for me so yah! Check out It’s a convention for Rooster Teeth fans. Rooster Teeth has tons of great content over many genres. A large number of those genres were created and or perfected by Rooster Teeth in Austin, TX. If you are a fan I highly recommend checking everything out. 

The dog taught me to do whatever she needs by sitting quietly near the task she needs completed. She needs to bathroom or wants to play outside, then she sits near the doggy door. If she’s out of food or water the she will be by the bowls. She wants to play fetch, then she will sit holding her disheveled sully toy waiting patiently for me to take and throw. Ruby is smarter than I thought. Bonus points for having an immaculate kitchen since she vacumns up any foodthat falls before I can get the broom out. 

Destiny 2 is great and I highly recommend if you ever played halo and thought this is fun but what if you turned it up to 11 for options. Social is great on this game. Being in a clan is really neat this time. The app is actually not bad. A little wonky UI but you figure it out. The clan chat is great albeit a little laggy sometimes. I went with hunter naturally and love it.  

I drink coffee everyday now. So that’s a thing.