And now for something different

Do you like music? What about music performed in my living room? Ahhh I knew you would say yes. Hit the link below to check out The Secret Machine performing 'Babelonia' by School of Seven Bells. This is the first time I have shot with three cameras. This is the first time I color graded the video. I think it came out pretty cool for this attempt.

What do you think about the video? Do you want more videos like this? Did you like the song? (It's one of my favorites). Leave comments on the video so I can see how it's all going. Cheers!

Who's Getting Ready for Bikini Season!!?

The title to this post was a blatant lie...but if you want semi rock hardish abs, I just might have the perfect project for you. I built a sit-ups kit in a box. It is 90% functional and 10% aesthetically pleasing to the eyeballs. Form follows function eh? Check them out below and share the crap out of them please and thank you.