I haven't posted in awhile. Here are pictures of Ruby. Cheers


Oh my gurrrdddd

Colorado was a blast. I'm spending time working on my big bend Vlogcation. The music is in sync but trying to make a video that isn't ten minutes of driving is proving difficult. I wanted to make a several day break in footage and I'm probably going to supliment with some of the amazing stills I shot. Either way when I'm done, it's going to be fantastic. Cheers! 



I finally have a word for the videos I like to create. I'm going to call them VlogCation's. My first video will be my trip to RTX Austin. It was quite amazing and I can't wait till the next one. I have a couple teaser photos below. Hope you like it when it posts! Cheers


I made another video... finally!

Well it isn't the most attractive thing that I have shot and edited, but it is here and I am back. I mean why would I start my comeback with the perfect movie? How do I go up from there? That is totally my plan. Yep, totally didn't make that up a minute ago. Watch the video. It has legos. It has time manipulation. It has pretty typography?