I finally have a word for the videos I like to create. I'm going to call them VlogCation's. My first video will be my trip to RTX Austin. It was quite amazing and I can't wait till the next one. I have a couple teaser photos below. Hope you like it when it posts! Cheers


I made another video... finally!

Well it isn't the most attractive thing that I have shot and edited, but it is here and I am back. I mean why would I start my comeback with the perfect movie? How do I go up from there? That is totally my plan. Yep, totally didn't make that up a minute ago. Watch the video. It has legos. It has time manipulation. It has pretty typography?

I did a thing!

I'm back in the editor seat again! I'm also the director, the writer, and the devilishly handsome actor for The Proper Gents. I have the LegoLapse table set up for filming. I have new lighting, new gear, and a new drive! Enjoy everything to come! 


The Proper Gents are back

The last couple of years really impacted me and my personal life. I have been run though the ringer. Literally the worst things that happened into my in my life happened this past year. I'm doing my best to make lemonade vodka out of lemons. I think I'm finally at a spot in my life to turn things around. It took a lot of thinking and a lot of failures to get to where I am today. I am launching my channel again and this time I intend to stay with it. Below is my most popular video. I'm changing the formula up but only for the best. Hope you all enjoy what's to come!