Accepting the Inner Child

I was working on a project and stumbled across some toys that I took out of my office because I felt they were too distracting and I needed to become more professional. Today I changed my mind. These things were influential when I was growing and I feel like I should be surrounded by my influences. I have been asked on many occasion if "I was ever going to grow up".  Although the phrase was brought up in casual as well as arguing situations equally, it's been asked a lot. I say NAY! Good sir. But seriously why should I act like an adult because I am an adult? Well guess what I am an adult and I can make the decision to not act like one. So let your inner designer flourish and think free like a child. Use those open child ideas and act upon them in your design as an adult since you are! My 4 year old is a wealth of ideas and crazy things that I would never have thought of on my own.