Starting something new and sticking to it

I realized time and time again how much I loathe social media. I am fond of the idea of people having a way to communicate so easily. I dislike the "bad apples" who just ruin it for everyone else. Fotrunantly I pay for my site and I can say whatever I want and I can mute all comments if I want to! Starting a blog is something I think I've wanted to do for a long time. It's almost going to be more of a personal diary more than anything. 


I had quite possibly the shittiest year of my entire life for as long as I will live last year (2016). So as I recover from the shit storm that seemingly wrecked my life, I will post my ramblings. I know I'm depressed and I know the ADHD isn't helping he situation. I'm running again. Running always seems to help even when I refuse to stay consistent. I don't want to make my first post too long winded because even I won't want to read it. This will be a learning curve and something new. I've always wanted to up my writing game, so I'm sure this can't hurt. 


Cheers and heres to a steady stream of the story that is my life



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