Heat has Arrived

This is the first day in quite awhile that I would consider hot. High of 97 paired with the humidity makes for a sweaty day. I like to think today is Saturday 1 and tomorrow is bonus Saturday. I have projects to do and worlds to build.


I have only a limited amount of sodium that I'm allowed to consume daily. I get kidney stones and I have high blood pressure. Hmmm guess what...it's the sodium. Keeping this in check forces me to pick healthier things to eat. I like eating so moaaar is better! I'll make an anecdotal observation, the calories and sodium seem to chase each other. One is high and the other is high as well. Of course you have products like pickles that can be banging in sodium but really don't have the calorie spike.  


I started watching Twin Peaks. It is so weird but I want to complete the two seasons. So weird. 


Have a a happy day whenever you read this.


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