Me Again

Hello fellow humans, it is I Curtos of planet Texas. I have been diligently editing away like a mad person on two videos. The trip to big bend video is almost ready. I would say 95% ready. I need to tighten up a couple of transitions. I am not digging the 2nd song either. Other than that the cuts are good, my one bit of text is good. Good good. Each time I do a video I want to improve upon the previous. It's unfortunate because I am limited to the footage I shot. Turns out the GoPro was the only camera that can handle 8 degree weather so I was at its mercy. I'm trying to integrate a narrative into my videos as well as showing all of the bad ass things we did and saw. I hope you enjoy it in a week or so! This will also be the first video to really make use of the gimble. Cheers!

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